Everything You Need to Know about Marabou Slippers

Every girl likes to feel pretty. A beautiful dress, the perfect shade of lipstick and a great hair day all suffice to make us feel like a million bucks. Take that feeling into the bedroom; now who doesn’t want to look her best there? A sexy nightie, a flattering corset and a pair of really hot shoes can get even the frumpiest of housewives in the mood. Why not make those shoes a pair of Marabou Slippers?

Marabou slippers have been around for a long time. No, cave girls didn’t wear them, but they have been a part of the wardrobe for the boudoir for quite some time. In fact, mules (the forerunner to marabous) showed up in the 19th century French courts, where a glimpse of a girl’s foot was a huge turn-on. The “slippers” are made out of everything from satin to leather to plastic to cork. They are adorned with feathers that come from the Marabou; a stork found in Africa, or the imitation of these same feathers. Sometimes, a dyed raw silk may also be used.

These slippers reached their height in the early ‘50s, when they really became a part of every sex kitten’s lingerie collection. They are dainty, delicate, and fluffy. They are typically open-toed and have high heels, sometimes reaching stiletto heights.
The appeal to Marabous is that they are sexy, and give just a peek of what’s underneath. Anyone that appreciates a good pedicure will find that a pair or two (or four) of these the best lingerie, will find that they hint at what’s underneath but don’t give away the whole story – they leave something to the imagination.

If you’ve had a hard time finding these fluffy, sexy accessories, you might try looking in the lingerie section of your department store, as opposed to the pajama aisle. Of course, you might find it difficult to even find them in your favorite department store; usually a trip to a specialty lingerie shop or a surf on the web is where you’ll need to go to get the pair for you.

When shopping for your Marabou slippers, keep in mind that they are not only designed as mules, but also come in thong styles. While these shoes are definitely not made for comfort, you should try before you buy. Slip your toes into a good-looking pair of Marabous and walk around a bit. If you find yourself wobbling around or (gasp!) tripping and falling down, you may want to consider looking for a lower heel. (Staggering and falling down is definitely not sexy!) Don’t forget to consider what you’ll be wearing your new Marabou slippers with (if anything…). Do you want your shoes to match your outfit? What types of materials do you want your slippers to be made from? If you are an advocate against animal products, for example, you’ll probably want to go with shoes made from plastic or cork with imitation feathers, as opposed to the real thing.

On occasion, you may find a pair or two of Marabou slippers designed for “comfort”. Some are available with terry cloth or velour insoles with plastic soles. While definitely not as sexy, selecting these types of slippers for everyday wear will go a long way towards that pretty feeling we are all striving for.

So, get your inner-sex kitten a pair of hot Marabou slippers and have fun!

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